Tennents Super

9.0%, 4 500ml Cans, 5  From Various Supermarkets

The Can Says: "Very Strong Lager"

Rortise says: Ahh Tennents Super an old favourite with tramps worldwide and some believe a genuine contender to steal the mantle from Carlsberg Special Brew as the tramps choice. The can is very familiar in its metallic blue and if you don't know what one looks like then visit your local bus station or park bench and you are guarenteed to see some discarded tinnies. The 9% and 500ml cans are always nice to see, as is the price-exactly the same as Special Brew probably to compete for the same market. The 4 pack feels trusty and the reputation of this brew goes before it and although I had to purchase it due to no review sample being sent, I was still determined to enjoy the review.

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The can appeared to be sturdily constructed and in this case appearances did not prove to be deceptive. The ring pull worked as ring pulls should and opened the can without trouble. The smell could catch the un-wary out, as could the taste of this potent brew. And what a taste! It can only be described as a cross between dog shit and mouldy cheese with a hint of sweetness. But here in lies the appeal of Tennents-even though the taste is so bad it is still drinkable it really is something that has to be experienced to be believed and drinking this brew should be near the top of anyones list of things to do before they die. Tennents is best drunk cold or when your already drunk to mask the taste.

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In Conclusion: There are two kinds of Tennents drinkers in this world. Those that like the taste (few) and those that don't (many.) However, you do not drink Tennents for the taste-you drink it because it's Tennents. It's a statement saying "hey look at me i'm on a mission to get drunk" and this is why Tennents is so popular among non-tramps. This popularity is surpassed by those who live at bus stations. Tennents Super is almost in every tramp's hand nationwide. This is why this brew has achieved our coveted "Tramp's Choice Award" and is therefore awarded 10/10

Megatron: I have had many experiences whilst being fuelled by Tennents and I can safely say that none of them were profitable to be honest. Although the beer is harsh and only displays 9% on the label don't let that fool you as it has a harsh taste for the beginning part but you find yourself becoming attached to the quality of the brew in the latter stages of the review. The can is would I dare to say is up to date and is readily available in most highstreet offie`s TO PEOPLE OVER 18.

Chief: Tennents=vile=mums pants taste






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