Changing Times in this Brave Super World

 Tuesday, October 28 2008
It's been over a year since the last update of Trampjuice and what a year it has been. Whole economies are being destroyed, prices are rising and beer percentages are shrinking. This three pronged attack on traditional thinking has unexpectedly strengthened the hand of the super strength drinker as discounters court our custom. Super drinkers are now in a position of strength for the first time in living memory and we here at Trampjuice have managed to extract some pretty tasty discounts, including 4 tins of the Golden Nectar for the sum of 3.50 from a local Off Licence in Blackpool.

However this past year hasn't been a bed of roses. Tesco have cut the percentage of their highly rated own brand super to a paltry 7.9%. This has led to uproar in the Super Lager community and we urge you all to boycott Tesco from now on. Expect a review up soon, once we have worked out a way to procure a sample without letting Tesco profit.

On another note, a new (old) picture has been uploaded to the Super Spotter section of the site. We urge you all to head on over and take a look.

Expect another update within the month with features on the state of Super lagers in Egypt, a review of Tesco super and more.....


Kopperberg Special Brew, a new forum and more

Friday, October 5 2007
After 18 months Trampjuice is back, once again championing the rights of the super strength drinker and providing informative, unbiased reviews which can't be found anywhere else.

So what's new?

The team travel far and wide to find new supers to review and we believe that a gem has been unearthed in Kopperberg Special Brew. Check out the all new review now!

We also have a brand new forum. Unfortunately old accounts don't work so you'll have to sign up again to join like minded super strength connoisseurs. You'll also have to open the forum in a new window or tab sans .tk banner as the banner prevents the verification image from loading. You'll only have to do this when signing up for the first time.

Doesn't seem much for 18 months? Well that's because the team have been working on a definitive guide to Super Strength Lager - an encyclopedia, if you will. Click here for an exclusive sneak peak of what to expect in the finished article.


UK Government to Ban Super Strengths?

Good Friday, April 14 2006
The United Kingdom government is trying to push through a new piece of legislation that potentially threatens not only super strength drinkers but every single person in the United Kingdom. The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill gives members of parliament the power to ban super strengths and impose up to two year jail sentences on the drinker. Without any debate whatsoever. Your local M.P. might get bored of supers and ban them on a whim, all this will be completely legal if this new bill goes through.

To find out more head along to this site

Civil liberties are being eroded enough as it is in the United Kingdom without this bill going through. We here at Trampjuice urge you all to log on and question your M.P. over this legislation. If you don't - super strengths may die!

On another note, Kopperbergs Super is currently being reviewed, expect a full review up shortly. A member of the team went all the way to Sweden to secure this mythical brew.


A Worrying Trend

Saturday, April 1 2006
A worrying trend has emerged on the web - the trend to bash super drinkers. Thames Reach Bondway (homelessness charity) have just updated their campaign to get super lagers banned. Their campaign focuses on the fact that most homeless alcoholics drink super lagers and ciders. Which is fair enough. However surely when (if?) supers (surely mostly ciders in this case) get more expensive then your discerning homeless man will simply swap to the next best alternative, which could be even more damaging (6 bottles of Whisky, for example.) For the record, we here at Trampjuice fully support Thames Reach Bondway as a charity, however we would like to urge them to rethink this campaign. 

A link to their campaign can be found here
Your comments on this are welcomed in our forum

On another note - does anybody know what has happened to If Superlager has folded then these are dark days for your average web going Super drinker.


Holy Shit, an updated Trampjuice

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
A new year. A new update. Trampjuice has finally been updated with 4 new reviews, courtesy of forum member Brewingrightnow. Diamond White, KO Super, Old Tom and Omega Cider have all been reviewed and rated by this experienced and highly regarded connoisseur of supers.

So where have we been? Who knows - Answers on an email please!


First Edition of the Trampjuice Times Released

Friday, September 23, 2005
It's been almost two months since the last update. And a lot has happened in those last two months in the Trampjuice world.

And here it is The Trampjuice Times. Edition 1 is completely iffy with pages missing, articles advertised on the cover and a myriad of spelling mistakes. It also looks far, far better when printed out. So go ahead and print it.

The reasons that there are pages missing are two-fold - Primarily we got drunk and lost them, and secondly some were more suited to edition 2 which is now being worked on.

The file is a .pdf and weighs in at around 6 meg, so right click and "save target as" if you're on a less than meaty connection.

Issue 2 will be out sometime, with such articles as which cigar goes with which super and some more Days of Thunder fun.

Any comments, or if you want to write for us get in contact on the forum

Special props to Brewingrightnow, your KO super review will be up shortly.


We're not dead. Yet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Vicious rumours have been circulating the internet that Trampjuice has died. It hasn't. It was merely in hibernation.

Over 3 months has passed since the last update due to various mishaps, misdemeanors and mass drunkeness. But fear no more. Trampjuice is back.

Thanks to all that have emailed us, replies will be shooting off to you within a couple of days :-)

For now, have a ganders at a new picture provided for us by "Donny Coutts" well done that man, his explanation can be found here.

2004 saw the Trampjuice awards, and 2005 brings us the super strength super snakebite competition whereby we test as many different combinations of supers and ciders in as scientific a manner as possible. Keep your eyes peeled.



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